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Where to See Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorilla trekking is done in Uganda and Rwanda plus few treks in Congo –Democratic Republic of Congo .Mountain Gorilla trekking is a unique adventure experience that you can do if you love traveling. Uganda is blessed with naturalforests that form natural habitat for these gentle giants of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park. All these parks are famous formountain gorilla trekking in Uganda.
Thus to see mountain gorillas will be visting these parks in Uganda. In order to have a secure gorilla treking will need to book a gorilla trekking permit with tour operator like Travel Hemispheres who have arranged mountain gorilla trekking safaris for the last 20 years with Fred Bukenya a tour consultant. Also can trekk and see mountain gorillas in Rwanda at Park De volcanoes National Park and also to a limited extent in Congo because of insecurity and trekking of mountain gorillas is done at less extent. Gorilla terkking and seeing is done inside the parks in their natura habbitat . Thus will need permit to enter the park . Permision is given when you pay or buy a gorilla trekking permit issued by the park authorities in Uganda or Rwanda, In Uganda , a permit cost US $ 700 while in Rwanda a permit cost US $ 1500 per visist on single day. If you haven’t already booked your tour ahead of time, flying into the capital city of Kampala, Please email us at Travel Hemispheres we shall do it for you. Our email is : you’ll be able to find plenty of tour options from our site: that would love to do with us. Remember that a permit is needed so it is better if you purchase a tour as soon as possible so is the gorilla trekking permit can be acquired also in time (gorilla permits do run out as there are a limited number of permits available- first come first serve basis) Every visitor coming to Uganda would wish to get into contact with these gentle giants moreover our distant cousins( over 98$ DNA). Uganda should treats gorilla tracking as the pinnacle of the tourism industry in the country. Seeing and trekking mountain gorillas continue attracting more numbers of tourist visiting the country Uganda the Pearl Of Africa which has celebrated her 61st Independence from the colonial Master the British. This has increased passes tourist coming from UK to see these gentle giants of Bwindi.

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What Does Bwindi the “Impenetrable” Forest Mean

Among the 1st clients we handled in mid 1990s to trek mountain gorillas were always disturbed by the word “impenetrable” . To their understanding was that this forest day and night is dark and no light at all even during the day remains dark. Whereby they asked us if they can come with flush light torches to use while trekking gorillas . However we allayed their fears by informing them that by the word impenetrable, it meant that there was a lot of undergrowth coming into different canopies below tall trees aged over 100 years in this forest . This undergrowth would not allow penetrating the forest easily to reach where mountain gorillas would be foraging. Hence the word impenetrable forest. Today, Travel Hemispheres has handled many people who have trekked mountain gorillas doing uganda safaris and forest trails have been developed though not permanent but trekking is a lot easier that when mountain trekking safaris started in 1990s.
Today Travel hemispheres also offer flying safaris to see and trek gorillas and road safaris all the choice is yours and based of choice and price. Thus during low season rates , people who would wish to spend less time on the road can also fly to Bwindi with schedule flight. Clients can capitalised on this to offer a three-day gorilla tracking safari with a permit and will pay US$ 2400 per person for 2 people sharing doing a flying safari to Bwindi. Clients will be staying at Mahogany Springs Lodge – a luxury facility. For overzealous clients on sight seeing can track gorillas at Kisoro side and will take advantage of seeing the spectacular Lake Mutanda and the volcanoes of the Virunga Mountains, and will stay at Nshongi Gorilla Resort. Where they enjoy good quality food and en suite accommodation. With the safari including 3 travel days, travelers will track through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest until the mountain gorillas are located, after which the group will spend one hour with the gorillas.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has four habituated gorilla centers which are Buhoma, Ruhija, Nkuringo, and Rushaga. Bwindi has over 400 gorillas in ss Each of these areas has gorillas families that have been habituated and opened for tourism purposes. Uganda currently has about 19 gorilla families open for tourism, of which 18 are in Bwindi Forest and another at Mgahinga National Park . Some of these gorilla families in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park include the Rushegura family, Mubare family, Oruzogo gorilla family, Bweza gorillas family, Nkuringo family, Bitukura family, and others. Bwindi is open for gorilla trekking all year long, and is the major activity forming uganda safaris but the best times to go are from June to August and December to February. At these times, the forest trails are drier and therefore less slippery. Also, your chance of a dry gorilla viewing experience is higher during these months. This might result in a better experience and photography will be easier. Mgahinga National Park has one habituated gorilla group that can be tracked by tourists. Gorilla tracking is the most thrilling tourist activity in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The habituated gorilla group in this park is called the Nyakagezi, which consists of 9 members, 2 silverbacks, 3 adult females, 2 juveniles, and 2 infants. Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is open to visitors throughout the year. But it is best done in June, July, August, and September then December, January, and February. During this period, gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is easier because it is a dry season and the habitat remains relatively drier thus making it simpler for visitors to hike through the dense jungles and steep slopes to search for mountain gorillas. However, March, April, May, and October, November are equally good for one to embark on gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park but these months are characterized by heavy rainfall, muddy and slippery steep slopes which make it challenging for one to hike while in search for these apes. Gorilla tracking is an intensive experience at Bwindi national park that can take the whole day. The guide leads you through the gorilla’s world, explaining aspects of their ecology and behavior along the way. We must stress that, while you have a very good chance of seeing gorillas, success is NOT guaranteed! However, from the past sightings, there are high chances of meeting the mountain gorillas. When tracking, travelers should know that the mountain gorillas are wild creatures with no fixed routine, and finding them requires the skill and experience of your trackers and guides, as well as luck.

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THE EXISTENCE AND HISTORY OF MOUNTAIN GORILLAS The existence of gorillas in Africa’s forests like Bwindi has been known for centuries and not only to local residents. Gorillas were first described 2000 years a go when sailors from North African province of Carthage landed in West Africa and tried to capture some Apes, a bruising encounter that earned the animals the Carthaginian name for ‘scratchier gorilla’. It is not actually clear whether the visitors encountered gorilla or chimpanzees but the name has stuck.
Two species of gorilla the western lowland and the eastern lowland were identified for science in 1847 and 1877 respectively. It wasn’t until 1903 that the third sub species, the mountain gorillas was identified. This was observed to be somewhat bulkier than its lowland cousins weighing up to 210 kilograms with a shaggier coat suited to its chilly montane habitat. This sub species was named after the German officer, Oscar Von Berenge, who enabled its classification. Indeed until just a few decades ago, gorilla received a bad press that dated back to their first unfortunate encounter with Carthaginian tourists 2000 years a go. This ferocious image was deliberately perpetuated to create a myth eventually immortalized on screen Uganda is the home of mountain gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. Bwindi has the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world. It is also home of other primates like monkeys and other 120 mammals species like forest elephants a rare specie to see . Over 20 mountain gorilla family groups have been habituated to allow and facilitate mountain gorilla trekking safaris. Buhoma the starting point of habituating gorillas is the home of Mubare gorilla family group that opened gorilla trekking in 1993. It has given birth to other starting points within the park where more gorilla families have been habituated. Today statistics are indicated that over 400 gorillas are found in Bwindi park. The park is also home of many bird species, over 360 bird species are found here. Over 200 butterflies species are also found here. Over 300 tree species are also found in this park Bwindi impenetrable National park is found in the south western part of Uganda on the edge of Great Western Rift Valley.By area is 331 square kilometers in sizeand on an altitude of over 1100meters above sea level. Gorilla trekking is the main activity taking place in the this park. Over 5 points or call them centers park offices have been deloped to allow gorilla trekking start from different points. And these include Ruhija, Rushaga, Shongi, Kisoro and many more . Nature walks also take place to explore the forest what more it offers. Bird watching trails have been developed and give much to birders. Nature walks in the park will offer viewing other primates found this park, bird watching and catching views of waterfalls and pre historic trees in this forest.

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What is Gorilla Trekking Experience

Gorilla trekking started in 1993 in Uganda at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Then the company I was working for was the first to arrange clients to go and trek mountain gorillas of Bwindi national park. Gorilla trekking as requirement you need a gorilla permit and in Uganda a permit today cost US$700.00. You need to have slept near as trekking and briefing start at 8.00am form park offices. Originally gorilla trekking started from Buhoma where the original park offices were established to oversee all activities going in the park. Today the park has many points of starting from as many gorilla family groups have been habituated to allow many tourists in single day to trek mountain gorillas in their natural habitat of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park. Other than Buhoma , Ruhija, Rushaga, Kisoro, Nshongi Have been established and are starting points for gorilla trekking safaris. What is gorilla trekking experience? Gorilla trekking involves walking and hiking hills and valleys of the Bwindi terrain that make Bwindi park as you follow the foot steps of gorillas in their natural habitat with park rangers. Gorillas live in family groups and after each day’s work and feeding they make nests where they will sleep and spend the night. By following them it means that will first reach where they slept and then follow their footsteps as the feed until you come close to them. Usually you are allowed to leave few meters away from them and are give 1 hour to watch them as the feed and juveniles play while the Sliverback is taking a close watch on the new comers if you are likely to cause any harm of if your friendly. You are allowed to take photos and record videos but do not use flash cameras as flash my disrupt the peace of gorillas and tempt them to behave differently. Bwindi is dense tropical forest with different canopies and with lots of undergrowth. Hence impenetrable forest. Just for fun I remember in our course of arranging gorilla trekking expeditions then , some tourists would ask us if they can carry torches in their packaging to help them again in daylight to enter into Bwindi impenetrable forest and then there torches would help them to provide the flash lighting in order to recognized and see properly mountain gorillas in their habitat . However we allayed their fears that by being impenetrable meant that there were thick undergrowth that makes it impenetrable and did not need light but some tools like pangas , slashers to create way so that you can easily reach where gorillas are foraging at that particular day and spend an hour to have nice views while taking snaps video taking photo shooting. So Bwindi Forest by Nature has got many canopies that will not allow sunlight easily penetrate to reach the ground where mountain gorillas could be. Iworked for the company which arranged 1st gorilla trekking safaris at Buhoma Bwindi in 1993. after i ccme up with Travel Hemispheres Uganda safari company. Travel Hemispheres started in 2004 and we have lots of experiennce to handle you let it be budget, mid range, upmarket or luxury safaris .Our niche in safari arrangement experience is unsurpassed

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5 Days Tour to Primates of Uganda and Culture with Wildlife Viewing

Day 1: Entebbe - Kampala – Kibale Morning will be picked from your Hotel at Kampala at 7.00am and proceed to Fort Portal.. The drive follows the lush green countryside on Mityana-Mubende road to Fort Portal stopping at some coffee holdings tea plantations and open swamp valleys. Will stop at Mubende to visit the traditional site Nakayima famous the chwezi dynasty and fortune teller where many locals throng to consult their gods. After will proceed to have lunch in Fort Portal Town. After will be driven to Check in at Tinka Homestay in countryside near Kibale Forest National Park. Dinner and overnight and will have chance to view how some of the traditional meals are prepared and will be served some local dishes Day 2: Kibale Forest – Chimp tracking, Cultural walk , Morning With local guides track chimps in their natural Forest in the shadows of the Rwenzori Mountains (the famed mist shrouded “Mountains of the Moon”) Kibale Forest is rich in animal life, including an astonishing 12 species of primates including chimps in this park have been recorded, the much localized red colobus and L'Hoest's monkeys. Tracking the chimpanzees our 'cousins' is a very interesting experience. The way they feed, climb trees, respond to humans, caring for their young ones leaves an imaginative dream to tell. Other primates like the colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys plus other primates that share this forest with chimpanzees. The park also hosts over 320 species of birds including the yellow spotted nectar, yellow rumped tinker birds etc. It also has colorful butterflies; over 250 species have been spotted. For nature lovers, the dense forest is still intact you can see trees of different species. Track chimps in their natural habitat. Kibale Forest National Park is believed to have most concentration of primates in the world. Afternoon will l explore culture walk tour in the villages nearby by taking village walk interacting with locals as they go their daily chores , can visit local brewing site, traditional healer , some women’s crafts groups in the area. Time allowing will visit some crater lakes for sightseeing. After dinner or during dinner time cultural troupe will entertain you with traditional songs and can participate in local dancing. Overnight. Day 3: Kibale Forest –Bigodi swamp walk Visit to Omukama Palace - Queen Elizabeth Park After breakfast, visit Bigodi swamp Eco- tourism site. Carry out natural walk viewing variety of primates including e.g Columbus & velvet monkeys and baboons, monkeys lots of birds for birdwathers this is another vivid bird watchers area. After will be driven to Fort Portal stop at the Omukama Palace and conducted for short tour around as you explore the Batoro Culture . After will proceed to Queen Elizabeth past Kasese town drive along the foot of Mountain Rwenzori and on clear days enjoys its nice ice peaks that remain wonder on equator line. Stop for communities along the road stop where you find local market to mix briefly with local people. Dinner and overnight at Simba Safari Lodge . FB Day 4: Queen Elizabeth Park National Park, Game drives, Boat cruise Sightseeing of craters After breakfast, you will take an early morning game drive looking for game. Looking for different wildlife including early risers and predators returning to their hideouts. You are likely to meet grazing hippos, elephants, lions, spotted hyenas and leopards, bushbuck, waterbuck and stripped jackal, and of-course the several warthogs. Queen Elizabeth national park is also site for EQUATOR passing line , am sure will like this and take some snaps around this equator monument. Afternoon take a boat ride on Kazinga Channel where you will see a variety of game mostly marine animals. This waterway joins Lake Edward and Lake George and it is filled with schools of hippos, buffaloes, with elephants at the banks. After boat cruise have evening have game drive to Kikorongo/ Kasenyi and explore the crater area. As you drive you will view the spectacular view of the Rwenzori Mountains. They lie along the western border of Uganda and rise to a height of 5,100 metres above sea level. The legendary Mountains of the Moon, has incomparable, beautiful, mist–shrouded peaks provide a unique backdrop to one of our most magnificent national parks. Will have chance of seeing Gods hand creations of empty craters and crater lakes with captivating eye and picturesque displays. Will return back to Simba safari Lodge for Dinner and overnight. Day 5: Queen Elizabeth – Mbarara Igongo culture center - Kampala After breakfast at will be driven to Kampala. The drive takes you through another interesting countryside fully cultivated with banana Plantations (Matoke – staple food) and coffee plantations decorated with dairy farms. If you are lucky on this day and find a market day will stop and mix with locals as they go shopping. Will stop at Igongo cultural center after Mbarara town . Will take cultiural tour of their museum wih guide explaining Banyakole and Bakiga communities traditions. After will have your lunch here prared and served in some local apparatus . After lunch will continue the drive to Kampala. May stop at sight seeing the traditional long horned Banyakole cows, also will stop at the Equator crossing for other lifetime pictures. Then you driver /guide will drop you at your Hotel In Kampala/Entebbe . END OF TOUR. 3 Day Bwindi Gorilla 3 Day Queen Elizabeth 3 Day Murchison Falls 3 Days Chimpanzee Kibale 4 Days Gorillas & Wildlife 5 Days Gorillas & Animals 5 Days Bwindi, Bunyonyi, Mburo 5 Days Gorillas & Chimps 5 Days Murchison & Queen 6 Days Primates Of Uganda 6 Days Murchison & Queen 7 Days Murchison & Kidepo Pease note the safari cost include: - meals and accommodation - full time safari driver/guides, - park entry fees, game drives, boat/ launch trips, forest guiding walks, all activities while on safari and the applicable Government Taxes. - 4x4 wheel drive vehicle with gas - 1 chimp permit – Kibale/ Excluded are: - Drinks, your bar bills, phone calls, personal insurance and any other services of a personal nature like souvenirs tips and laundry etc. Wishing you a Memorable & Happy Safari MAKE INQUIRY

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Dear Adventurers to" Pearl of Africa" - Uganda

Uganda is one of the untamed African Safari adventure country to visist and explore different uniqueness that is scenic beauty and traquility. Our beautiful country offer lofty of mysterious forests that are habitats for mountain gorillas, chimpanzee and many primates.
Uganda contains lots and variety of ecosystems from open graslands to swamps, marshy forests and lakes, mountains undulatils hills disapearing to horizons. Vegetation is composed of natural tropical rainforets which supports number of primates , lots of bird species and tropical trees. Uganda is renowned for magnificient national parks of Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo valley, Lake mburo park and many more offering exciting wildlife for prolific game drives offering many wild life of elephant lion, girraffe, bufullo etc. by visiting of websit will learn and know variety we offer.

Where to See Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorilla trekking is done in Uganda and Rwanda plus few treks in Congo –Democratic Republic of Congo .Mountain Gorilla trekking is ...